Photo by © Roman Gusarov,

Aeroflot and UAC have agreed on the cabin layout of the first Tu-214 airplanes

Photo by © Roman Gusarov,

Aeroflot will receive the first 11 aircraft Tu-214 in a two-class cabin layout for 170-175 seats. Monitors with entertainment system will appear only from 2026. Internet for passengers of the first deliveries will be unavailable. This is reported by RBC.

The airline and the United Aircraft Corporation agreed on part of the parameters of the salons of Tu-214 airplanes. The first five aircraft should be delivered to Aeroflot in December 2024-January 2025, follows from the investment project of preferential leasing of these aircraft, signed by the Cabinet of Ministers in 2023.

“Negotiations on the configuration of the Tu-214 cabin are ongoing, we are waiting for official confirmation of our proposals from the aircraft manufacturer,” the airline’s press service said.

The first 11 Tu-214 airplanes for Aeroflot will be made in a two-class cabin layout with a maximum passenger capacity of 175 seats: 12 business seats and 163 – in the economy class.

In accordance with the requirements of aviation regulations, when flying for more than 30 minutes over the water surface, the airplane must be equipped with life rafts. For this purpose they will be installed in the cabin of Aeroflot’s Tu-214 instead of five passenger seats. In this case, the number of seats will be reduced to 170.

From the layout scheme of the passenger cabin follows that the Tu-214 will have four toilets: one in the front and rear, two – in the center of the cabin. The distance between the seats is 78 cm. For comparison, low-cost carriers have a seat pitch of no more than 74 cm, and the A320/321neo aircraft ordered by Aeroflot in 2019 are designed for a pitch of 76.2 cm in economy class.