Geoscan Pioneer – a new word in training of group drone flights

Photo by © Geoscan Holding press service

Geoscan Group of Companies presented at the NAIS exhibition and forum a solution for drone swarm management on the Geoscan Pioneer platform, designed to deepen knowledge in the field of drone swarm management and machine learning, the company reported.

The product is presented in two modifications – based on Geoscan Pioneer Basic or Geoscan Pioneer Mini quadrocopters. The set includes 10 educational quadrocopters and additional equipment necessary for organising group drone flights indoors. The platform allows you to create exciting and spectacular drone shows, practice swarm intelligence algorithms and solve group flight tasks.

Due to its simplicity and accessibility, Geoscan Pioneer drone swarm is suitable for beginner operators who have already mastered working with one quadrocopter and now want to deepen their knowledge, get new skills in programming and take the first steps in learning swarm intelligence algorithms. The group flight takes place in a safe airspace (3x3x3 metres) and can last up to 10 minutes.

The Pioneer Basic drone swarm is more aimed at advanced users – high school and college students, participants of robotics competitions. The kit allows to perform a high-precision group flight lasting up to 17 minutes on a larger area (8x8x4 metres), solve more complex tasks such as joint navigation or object search, and create light shows. Increased payload capacity and the ability to connect additional modules allow the installation of its own payload and open up new research opportunities.

Swarm control system algorithms have a huge potential for use from application in industrial logistics systems and delivery services to implementation in the interaction processes of robotic systems for emergency response and environmental control.

“Nowadays it is especially important to introduce such technologies into the educational process and show young people scenarios of their application,” commented Alexey Yuretsky, General Director of Geoscan.