In Togliatti, consideration of applications for funding of projects in the field of unmanned systems has started

Photo by © Transport of the Future press service

The joint fund of Transport of the Future and the National Technology Initiative (NTI) provides an opportunity for startups to receive financial support for the development and production of technologies in the field of unmanned aerial systems (UAS). The agreement on the creation of the fund with capitalisation of 10 billion rubles was concluded in August 2023, and now the process of considering applications from companies engaged in research, certification and creation of UAV application models has been launched. This was reported in the press service of Transport of the Future.

Director General of Transport of the Future Yuri Kozarenko emphasised that the development of the UAV industry requires the formation of the entire infrastructure from scratch, unlike other industries, where established enterprises and systems already exist. He noted that the Foundation is interested in innovative ideas that cover all aspects of the development of this industry, from the production of components and programming to the creation of a regulatory framework and training of specialists.

The parties explained the choice of Togliatti as a venue for the presentation of the rules for receiving investments from the fund by the fact that the BAS research and production centre has already been established here, which will be engaged in research, development and adaptation of technologies, as well as serial production of UAVs and their components. The event in Togliatti gave startups the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the rules for receiving investment from the fund and get help in building a team and establishing partnerships with suppliers and consumers.

“Transport of the Future” and NTI claim that any startup with a team or idea in the field of unmanned vehicles can apply for financial support. Projects will be selected with the participation of industry leaders with expertise in the field of UAVs.

The creation of the fund and the launch of the selection of projects for funding is an attempt to bring together industry players to work together to make UAS technology more accessible and safer for society. The Foundation’s initiative promotes innovation and technology development, as well as the creation of new jobs and attracting investors’ attention to a promising industry.