Innovative technology for defence against drones – Chistulya countermeasures complex

Photo by © Roselectronics Holding press service

Roselectronics Holding has demonstrated a compact drone countermeasure complex Chistulya – a portable device with remote control capability to protect a fighter from radiation and hit missiles attacking radio-emitting targets. The presentation of the new product took place within the framework of the conference Army and Society organised by the Russian Ministry of Defence, Rostec State Corporation said.

The Chistyulya complex was developed and is produced by TsNII Tsiklon, which is part of Roselectronics. One of its main features is compactness and lightness. The weight of the wearable kit in the form of a case does not exceed 8kg. It is capable of completely suppressing drone control and navigation channels within a radius of up to a kilometre, as well as blocking the transmission of photo and video data from them. The product is equipped with antennas of three types with separate frequency control, emitting a powerful omnidirectional pulse.

After switching on the complex forms a uniform signal covering the upper hemisphere within a radius of up to 1000 metres. Under the influence of Chistulya the drone can fall, hover or return to the take-off point. The result depends on the type of drone, its settings and distance from the complex and control station, which significantly increases safety and protects the fighter from potential threats.

The complex can be powered either from the ~220V mains or from the built-in battery, which provides autonomous operation for 100 minutes. The device is also equipped with an active cooling system, which allows it to function without interruption. This ensures continuous protection and effective counteraction to drones.

The Chistulya drone countermeasures complex is an innovative solution to ensure the safety of fighters and facilities in the zone of the special military operation in Ukraine. Its ability to completely block drone control and navigation channels within a radius of up to a kilometre makes it an effective means of protection, while its compactness and lightness ensure ease of use.

“Against the background of growing demand for UAV countermeasures, the holding’s enterprises are actually working “from wheels”, developing new modifications of such equipment. The ergonomic parameters and ease of use of the product have been confirmed by tactical units during the use of the device in the field,” commented Alexey Kravchenko, General Director of TsNII TsIKLON.