New navigation equipment has been installed at Levashovo Airport

Photo by © Rostec press service

Roselectronics Holding has equipped Levashovo co-located airport in St Petersburg with a modern radio beacon system for aircraft landing.

“The equipment was created by the Chelyabinsk-based Poliot plant, which is part of Roselektronika. It helps control the take-off and landing of aircraft and ensures safety at airports with any traffic intensity. The radio beacons were supplied as part of a project to reconstruct the Levashovo aerodrome for civil aviation. The specialists of the radio plant installed and configured two groups of beacons. The products have passed flight tests and demonstrated all the declared characteristics,” said Roselektronika.

The radio beacon complex includes glide and heading beacons and a range finder repeater. The equipment is capable of operating at temperatures from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius. The landing system installed at Levashovo allows aircraft to land at any time of day under weather conditions corresponding to ICAO categories I and II – the decision height is 60-30 metres and the runway visibility range is 800-350 metres, in manual, semi-automatic and automatic control modes.

According to Dmitry Dovzhenko, Director of Polot Radio Plant, the company is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of radar and navigation equipment for aerodromes. The radio plant’s equipment for navigation allows to accurately determine the location of aircrafts and collect all necessary information for flight control. He explained that upgrading the airfield infrastructure in Levashovo with modern technologies contributes to the development of air traffic in the country and enhances flight safety.