PD-8 engine launched as part of the SJ-100 aircraft

© UAC Press Service / First launch of SaM146 engine as part of SSJ100 aircraft / Archive photo

The PD-8 engine, which is undergoing flight tests as part of the IL-76LL flying laboratory, has been launched for the first time as part of the SJ-100 aircraft, which is an import-substituted version of the SSJ100. Kirill Kuznetsov, Chief Designer of the Superjet 100 at the Yakovlev Production Centre, said at the plenary session of the VI All-Russian Congress of Engineers, which opened in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

“This week, for the first time, the PD-8 engine, in addition to being flown on a flying laboratory, was launched as part of the Superjet 100 aircraft,” Kuznetsov said.

In August, the SJ-100 prototype, manufactured by the Yakovlev Production Centre, performed its maiden flight in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. French-Russian SaM146 engines were used on the first prototype airliner to speed up the testing programme.

Earlier it became known that the Radioelectronic Technologies Concern started certification of onboard radio electronic equipment for the SJ-100 aircraft, the work on import substitution is reaching the finish line.

“The previous version of the aircraft used avionics from the French company Thales Avionics. All modern domestic solutions in the field of onboard computing systems have been integrated into the third-generation avionics for the domestic civil airliner by specialists of the Zhukovsky branch of the Ramenskoye Instrument Design Bureau of KRET. Extensive work is underway to replace SJ-100 nodes, units and systems,” the UAC press service commented.