Su-35 fighter jets are on air patrol to support attack aircraft

Photo by © Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Russian Defense Ministry

In order to prevent Ukrainian aircraft from taking off from airfields, the Russian Air and Space Forces are carrying out air patrol missions in the Avdiivka area using Su-35S fighter jets. This was reported in the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

Air combat patrols are carried out in order to cover the specified area and support bomber and attack aviation, as well as helicopters of army aviation during strikes on military facilities, equipment and concentrations of personnel of Ukraine’s armed formations, a defence ministry spokesman explained.

Earlier, on 29 February, crews of Su-25 attack aircraft struck AFU units in the Donetsk direction using 122 mm C-13 Tulumbas missiles. The strike was carried out from a cabling at an extremely low altitude of 25 metres, followed by an anti-missile manoeuvre and the firing of heat traps.

“By staying in the air, the Su-35S crews prevent the enemy from even taking off from the base aerodrome, as any aerial target will be immediately detected and destroyed if it attempts to take off,” the ministry said.