The founder of the company supplying engines for the Yak-152 combat trainer has been sentenced in Germany to five years in prison

RED A03T V12 aircraft diesel engine, MAKS-2017. Photo by © Russian Aviation

On 30 August 2023, the District Court of Koblenz in Germany sentenced the founder and former owner of the German company RED Aircraft Vladimir Raichlin to five years in prison. This was reported by the German online edition

The basis for the criminal case and the court decision was the illegal export to Russia from 2015 to 2021 years produced by this company diesel aircraft engines RED A03 for military use in circumvention of German sanctions, the publication writes.

German citizen of Russian origin Vladimir Reichlin, who in 2020 left the post of head of RED Aircraft and formally remains only its minority shareholder, said in court that “deliberately went to violations”, “in order not to delay business processes,” but at the same time “assumed that the engines will be used only for civilian purposes.” RED Aircraft is also ordered to pay a fine of around €4 million in profit.

In Russia, RED A03 engines were installed on prototypes of the Yak-152 training aircraft and the Altius twin-engine heavy reconnaissance and strike drone. The first flights of the first Yak-152 and Altius prototypes took place in 2016.