The French will return spare parts for SaM146 engines through the courts

Photo by © Aviation of Russia

According to the decision of the Arbitration Court of the Yaroslavl Region, the French company PowerJet will transfer to ODK-Saturn spare parts for SaM146 engines installed in Superjet 100 aircraft. This is an interim measure in a $152 million lawsuit filed by ODK-Saturn against Powerjet, Mashnews reported.

On 4 March, the court approved the Rybinsk-based engine maker’s request for access to SaM146 spare parts, which ODK-Saturn needs to fulfil its current aircraft maintenance contracts. The interim measure came into force as soon as the verdict was announced. The company also asked the court to order the French company to resume performance of its obligations under the joint contracts.

“ODK-Saturn received fuel pipes, fuel semi-collectors, segment fairings, roller bearings, nuts, bushings, pads, locking pins, boroscope plugs and other parts,” Mashnews writes.

“Justifying the need for the transfer of spare parts, ODK-Saturn pointed out in particular that the shortage of serviceable SaM146 engines available to airlines leads to the suspension of the operation of SSJ100 aircraft, which reduces the carrying capacity of the Russian civil aviation fleet and increases the costs of airlines.

For its part, ODK-Saturn PJSC is ready to compensate the French company for any losses it may incur from the use of spare parts. In court, United Engine Corporation was granted a guarantee with the obligation to pay Powerjet any amount up to 6 billion roubles if ODK-Saturn does not compensate it for losses that may arise due to the application of interim measures.

The problem with the supply of spare parts, consumables and components for the Franco-Russian SaM146 arose after the PowerJet joint venture ceased to supply and support its engines in Russia, having voluntarily terminated its long-standing partnership and cooperation with ODK-Saturn. PowerJet may suffer losses as a result of the violation of European Union sanctions against Russia imposed by the European Commission following the start of the special military operation in Ukraine.