TsAGI completes testing of emergency turbopump unit for MS-21

Photo by © TsAGI Press Service

The Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) has completed testing of the Emergency Turbo Pump Unit (TPU) for the MS-21 aircraft as part of the programme to replace imports of airborne systems for domestic aircraft.

The TPU, developed by specialists from OKB Kristall’s design department, includes a drive for the retract/release system, a three-phase alternator, a hydraulic pump and a rotor with a two-bladed variable-pitch turbine, designed to provide the MS-21 aircraft with emergency electrical and hydraulic power.

As part of the research, specialists from the OKB Kristall testing centre designed the necessary equipment and technological tools for conducting the experiments, which were installed in the working part of the TsAGI wind tunnel. They checked the performance of the TPU at various flight speeds and altitudes, as well as the achievement of maximum energy at all flight modes, including minimum speeds.

To meet the altitude requirements, the pumping and vacuum capabilities of the wind tunnel circuit were used. In this way, flight altitudes from the ground up to 12,000 m were simulated.

As a result of the experiment, the specialists confirmed the design and technological characteristics of the wind tunnel, as well as the efficiency of its operation in accordance with the design parameters. The experience gained will be used to develop similar units for civil aircraft under construction in the Russian Federation.