Ural Metallurgists have started the production of serial products for the MC-21 aircraft

The Kamensk-Uralsky Metallurgical Plant (JSC “KUMZ”) is preparing to transition to large-scale production of wide aluminum alloy skin panels from 2025, used in the creation of advanced aircraft. Within this program, KUMZ has received approval from the All-Russian Institute of Aviation Materials (VIAM State Research Center) to manufacture skin panels for the MC-21 aircraft.

The approval from VIAM for the production of wide forged aluminum alloy skin panels of the 2XXX series on the continuous heat treatment line has opened up promising opportunities for the enterprise in the market for civil aviation products.

“Expected growth in the production of domestic aviation equipment in the coming years is only possible if there is demand for forged aluminum alloy sheets using the capabilities of the KUMZ continuous heat treatment line,” believe officials at the enterprise.

JSC “KUMZ” actively participates in a large-scale federal program for producing new aircraft, including the passenger aircraft MC-21, SSJ-100, and Tu-214.

Collaboration with VIAM has allowed the enterprise to implement an “experiment matrix” and develop a complete set of technical documentation for the production of skin panels from the 2XXX series alloy. After bench tests and overall qualification, KUMZ was approved by VIAM specialists as a producer of wide skin panels for the MC-21 airliner.

Aluminum alloy sheets are used in the fuselage skin of the MC-21 aircraft. Alloys are also used in the wing construction, making leading edges and ribs. In total, aluminum alloys make up 44 percent of the structure of the MC-21 airframe.

Having obtained approval, KUMZ has commenced fulfilling the first serial order for sheet products for this promising aircraft. However, the enterprise believes that the produced skin panels could also be used in structures of other domestic aircraft. The products from the new rolling complex at KUMZ have good market prospects, considering the high surface quality of the sheets and their impressive dimensions with widths exceeding two meters and lengths up to 12 meters.

“We continue to strengthen our ties with future customers and build a cooperative supply chain. This will allow KUMZ to maximize the potential of its new rolling complex and meet the growing demand for skin panels in the aviation industry,” noted officials at the enterprise.