Zenit system for monitoring airport ground infrastructure is presented at NAIS 2024

Photo by © Roselectronics Holding press service

At the NAIS 2024 exhibition and forum, Roselektronika Holding presented the Zenit integrated system for monitoring airport ground infrastructure. The development allows to receive in real time accurate data on the location and condition of special equipment, the number of passengers and luggage, and also provides accounting of consumables on the territory of air harbours, the holding told.

“Zenith” is a multifunctional complex, which is able to collect and process video and audio data, has telemetry, machine vision, analytics and forecasting functions. It was developed by the Kaluga Research Institute of Telemechanical Devices (KNIITMU) and includes mobile modules, a server for information storage, operator workstations, as well as cameras and special software for mobile devices.

The complex runs on AstraLinux and Android operating systems, which ensures its flexibility and adaptability. The received information is transmitted to the server using modems and processed automatically, after which it is displayed on an interactive map.

The use of the complex increases the level of security at the airport and allows reducing the use of fuel, reagents and various technical liquids by 10-15%. Zenit has its own high-speed radio channel with a range of up to 20 kilometres, which ensures independence from external data transmission networks and helps to avoid the cost of laying expensive high-speed communication lines.

Zenith’s functional capabilities include automatic control of operations, as well as the ability to locate moving objects and analyse the current state of the equipment. If the level of technical fluids falls below the permissible level, the system notifies about it and can even organise selector loudspeaker communication between several groups of subscribers. All information received is stored and can be used for analysis.

The Zenit integrated system for monitoring the ground infrastructure of airports is a fully domestic solution, which ensures its independence from imported technologies and safety of use. The system has already been implemented and is operating in several airports in Russia.