Azimut Airlines will increase the profitability of its operations with new software

Photo by © Aviation of Russia

The automated revenue management system SAINA-RMS (Revenue Management System), developed by IT company Novye Tekhnologii, has been put into operation at Azimut Airlines. A perpetual licence agreement for the use of the software to solve commercial policy management tasks was signed on 22 September 2023, the carrier’s press service said.

“New Technologies” is engaged in the development of software products for the aviation industry. SAINA-RMS is an intelligent software solution designed to automate revenue management tasks, save time and increase efficiency.

“Azimut Airlines has become the first user of SAINA-RMS,” commented Afanasy Zakharov, Development Director of Novye Tekhnologii. – The signing of the agreement is a sign of quality, demonstrating the correctness of the tools and algorithms incorporated in our IT product. We continue to work on expanding the functionality of SAINA-RMS and are ready to develop partnerships with other carriers”.

Technical support for SAINA-RMS users is provided around the clock, the IT infrastructure of the product is fully located in Russia, there is no cross-border data transfer, Afanasy Zakharov added.

“We are regularly monitoring existing offerings and as part of this process we have selected a new supplier and up-to-date software. We now look forward to revenue growth through both traditional and ancillary revenues,” said Dmitry Zvonaryov, Director of Strategic Development at Azimut Airlines.