Concreting of the second runway has been completed at Blagoveshchensk airport

Photo by © Photo by © press service of the Amur Region Government

The main works on paving the three-kilometer runway of the airport in Blagoveshchensk were completed on August 15. The readiness of the first start-up complex is estimated by the Amur Region’s Ministry of Transport at 75%, the agency’s press service reported.

“Concreting of the runway began in April this year. According to the plan it was necessary to lay about three thousand tons of rebar and pour about 60 thousand cubes of concrete. About 400 working specialists and 60 units of machinery were involved in the construction site. The work was carried out continuously, thanks to which it was possible to complete concreting in the shortest possible time – in four months,” told in the regional Ministry of Transport.

“To date, the device of foundations, the layout of cable lines for the installation of lighting and weather equipment, as well as the glissade landing system is being actively carried out. At the same time, the asphalting of five-meter runway shoulders and the arrangement of taxiways is underway. These facilities are part of the first start-up complex. It is also necessary to build a new and expand the existing aprons,” added the supervisor of the runway construction, representative of the regional Ministry of Transport Egor Nechaev.

The construction of the second runway at Blagoveshchensk airport began in 2019. It took two years to prepare the base. More than 1 million cubic meters of soil were processed, frames were laid, and concrete was poured. Now the site is moving on to the arrangement of new infrastructure.

In October it is planned to conduct trial take-offs and landings on the new runway, to monitor the equipment and adjust the systems. Then the Rosaviatsia commission will check the runway surfaces and equipment for compliance with flight safety standards and requirements. The second runway is scheduled to be put into operation by the end of this year.