Flight tests of the Il-114-300 aircraft have been resumed

In the Moscow region, the flight testing program of the turboprop passenger aircraft Il-114-300 has been resumed. On the 130th anniversary of the birth of the aircraft designer Sergey Ilyushin, the second test aircraft successfully completed its first flight from the airfield of the branch of the UEC Public Joint-Stock Company – the Voronin Aviation Plant in Lukhovitsy.

The aircraft was piloted by a crew comprising the commander of the aircraft, the chief pilot of PJSC “Il”, Honored Test Pilot of the Russian Federation Sergey Sukhar, Honored Test Pilot of the Russian Federation Igor Zinov, and a 1st class test flight engineer Oleg Gryazev.

The flight log on the hood of the black GAZ-24 “Volga” was signed by the managing director of PJSC “Il” Daniil Brenerman and the head of the flight test center of PJSC “Il” Konstantin Letov. This Ilyushin tradition was introduced over 50 years ago by chief designer Genrikh Novozhilov, who placed his signature on the flight log of the Il-76 transport aircraft on the hood of the service car.

The flight of the Il-114-300 with serial number 54115 and landing gear extended lasted 40 minutes at altitudes up to 900 m and speeds up to 230 km/h. The crew conducted stability and control checks of the aircraft, as well as tested the operation of Russian systems and onboard radio-electronic equipment.

The crew commander confirmed the successful completion of the flight task, noted the proper functioning of the systems and equipment, and reported the full completion of the flight program. Prior to the flight, the aircraft underwent a series of ground tests, including workshop and airfield checks, taxiing, and high-speed runs, including lifting the nose landing gear.

Commenting on the upcoming test program, Daniil Brenerman emphasized the significant importance of resuming flight tests of the Il-114-300 after a hiatus of over 2.5 years. He highlighted the event’s importance for the completion of the development of a fully domestic turboprop aircraft for regional transport.

“We all face intensive work. The aircraft is designed for operation, including in challenging climatic conditions. We must confirm the reliability and efficiency of all systems, including in harsh climates,” said Daniil Brenerman.

The General Director of UEC, Yuri Slusar, stated that today’s event was the result of the hard work of the entire team of engineers and designers at PJSC “Il” and the Lukhovitsy Aviation Plant.

“We congratulate our colleagues on a double celebration – the resumption of flight tests of the new aircraft and the birthday of the founder of the design bureau. And our special respect to the test pilots of PJSC “Il” for the beauty of the flight they demonstrated today in the sky,” he said.

The aircraft is equipped with the TV7-117ST-01 engine, which has undergone a series of modifications. The new auxiliary power unit TA 14-114 will provide the aircraft with autonomy during servicing and preparation for flights at minimally equipped airfields.