Photo by © JSC Concern Kalashnikov

Kalashnikov Concern has received a major export contract to supply Vikhr ATGMs

Photo by © JSC Concern Kalashnikov

Developed back in Soviet times, the Vikhr anti-tank aircraft system (ATGM) became a real star on the arms market after its successful use during a special military operation in Ukraine. This complex, produced by the Kalashnikov defense concern, has attracted interest among foreign customers, becoming one of the most demanded types of Russian-made weapons.

Prior to the start of the special military operation, the export prospects of the Vikhr were rather modest. Despite the fact that the system was demonstrated at various exhibitions and forums, not a single export contract was signed for many years. However, the combat use of the Vikhr during the Strategic Defense Forces changed the situation dramatically.

The ATGM has a laser guidance system. The missile covers eight kilometers in about 25 seconds, during which time the helicopter crew must constantly “illuminate” the target until it is hit.

Vikhr demonstrated high efficiency in the fight against enemy armored vehicles. The complex was used to destroy tanks, armored personnel carriers and other AFU equipment. Ka-52 helicopters equipped with Vikhryas inflicted significant damage on Ukrainian armored units, which ultimately led to the failure of the AFU’s summer offensive and a break in the course of hostilities.

As a result, Kalashnikov Concern was awarded a major export contract for the Vikhr. The complex will be supplied to one of the friendly countries, RIA Novosti reported.

The export success of the Vikhr has become a vivid evidence of the high quality and efficiency of the Russian armament. Vikhr has confirmed its reputation as a reliable and effective anti-tank complex capable of radically changing the course of combat operations.