Tests of the combustion chamber of the VK-800SM engine were conducted

Autonomous installation of the combustion chamber of the VK-800SM turbofan engine. Photo by © UZGA press service

In the framework of development work to create a turboprop engine VK-800SM in the period from January 15 to March 17, 2023 has successfully passed tests at the bench Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Engine Engineering (CIAM) autonomous combustion chamber installation VK-800SM, made at the Ural Civil Aviation Plant (UZGA).

The tests were conducted to confirm the calculated parameters of the combustion chamber operation and to check its ignition in the entire range of operating altitudes, the press service of UZGA reported.

At the first stage the data on the completeness of combustion, smoothness of start-up and non-uniformity of the gas flow temperature field in circumferential and radial direction during the steady-state operation modes were obtained. The results confirm the correctness of the calculations performed by the UZGA specialists and prove the correctness of the technical solutions incorporated into the combustion chamber design.

At the second stage, tests were conducted to check the combustion chamber ignition at all altitudes of operation with the determination of the ignition limits.

“The results obtained so far showed a serious exceeding of the ignition altitude as compared to the technical specifications. Reliable ignition of the combustion chamber at altitudes up to 8000 m was confirmed. During the tests of the gas generator on the UZGA stand more than 100 launches with ignition from a single candle and a reduced voltage network were carried out. All of them were successful. Engineers are always interested in the limits that a design can withstand,” said Chief Engine Designer Ilya Medvedev.

In the future, together with the CIAM additional tests are planned to determine the reliability of the ignition engine in the entire range of altitudes of operation and taking into account the open possibilities to increase the launch altitude, he added.

Tests of an autonomous centrifugal compressor unit using the CIAM experimental base are also scheduled. The tests will confirm the design parameters of the compressor, including air flow rate, degree of pressure rise, efficiency, and gas dynamic stability reserves. Successful completion of this stage of testing will be the key to meeting the basic data specified in the engine specification.

The test results of the combustion chamber and centrifugal compressor autonomous units will be included in the conclusion about the possibility of the first flight of the engine as part of the aircraft.

The VK-800SM turboprop engine is being created by the Ural Civil Aviation Plant. The engine is intended for the LMS-901 Baikal aircraft. It is also planned to use the VK-800SM turboprop on the L-410 and the UTS-800 training aircraft. The design documentation for implementation in “iron” was handed over to representatives of UZGA by the developer of the VK-800 – JSC ODK-Klimov in 2019.