Two new versions of the C919 aircraft unveiled in Shanghai

© COMAC / The C919 Shortened/Plateau Variant is a 140-seat version of the C919 Shortened/Plateau Variant, designed for high-altitude airports

Chinese aircraft manufacturer COMAC has unveiled at the Shanghai International Commercial Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition a smaller and larger version of its C919 narrow-body aircraft.

The first modification, called the C919 Stretched Variant, is an extended version of the standard jetliner. It is specifically designed to meet the growing demand for passenger transport on narrow-body aircraft and can accommodate up to 210 passengers in a two-class configuration. According to a COMAS spokesperson, this modification opens up new prospects for airlines looking to increase their passenger traffic and efficiency.

The second modification, the C919 Shortened/Plateau Variant, is a shortened C919 aircraft and provides take-off and landing characteristics that allow the aircraft to operate at all high-altitude airports in China. The cabin of the Plateau version seats up to 140 passengers, making it an ideal choice for regions with limited demand for air travel.

© COMAC / Long version of the C919 Stretched Variant with 210 seats

A COMAC spokesman said in Shanghai that both modifications have great potential for further development and modernisation. The corporation is following in the footsteps of Airbus and Boeing, which have created families of aircraft with different capacities based on the A320 and B737 respectively. This will allow COMAC to offer its customers different variants to meet their operational requirements.

Technical information on the new modifications is not yet available as the C919 family concept is at an early stage of development. However, it can already be said that COMAC understands and has a clear vision that without the development of its firstborn, it will not be able to compete with the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers. The standard version of the C919 has 164 seats in business and economy class cabins.