Artificial intelligence will detect defects in PD-8 engine blades

Photo by © UEC

The United Engine Corporation is introducing artificial intelligence to detect defects, including the smallest defects in gas turbine engine blades, according to the press service of UEC.

In Rybinsk, at UEC-Saturn, which will mass produce PD-8 engines, as well as high-capacity gas turbines GTD-110M, it is planned to launch a robotic complex to automate the process of preliminary inspection of parts quality. The innovative solution will double the throughput capacity of this section.

The complex includes an artificial intelligence-based “Inspection Point” platform and two robotic inspection stations for blade feeding. The stations are equipped with machine vision cameras that inspect and label the surfaces of the parts. The platform uses machine vision to acquire and process images of the smallest defects on polished blades, which are difficult for the human eye to detect, while artificial intelligence recognizes defects based on analysis of different types of images.

UEC believes that the introduction of machine vision and artificial intelligence technologies can double the process of detecting defects on the surface of gas turbine engine blades. The technology will also allow the company to collect and analyze data to adjust its production processes. As a result of the implementation of such a platform, the efficiency of control areas will increase significantly, which will contribute to the successful implementation of the production program.

The strategy for introducing parts quality control into technological processes at UEC-Saturn is being implemented as part of the federal project Artificial Intelligence of the national program Digital Economy of the Russian Federation.