Domodedovo airport raises fees for provision of terminal complex from August

Photo by © Aviation of Russia

After the launch and transfer of all international flights to the new segment of Terminal T2, Domodedovo Airport is raising fees for the provision of the terminal complex in early August. This is reported by “Interfax” with reference to the reporting materials of the air harbour.

When Russian companies perform domestic flights, which since 13 July are served only in the T1 segment, the tariff will increase from 170 to 200 rubles per passenger (+18%). For foreign flights on international routes, the service of which is transferred to T2, the price tag will increase from 350 to 565 rubles (+61%).

The terminal usage fee for foreign carriers will be $16.5 per passenger from August. Before the T2 segment was put into operation, it was $9.5, according to the report – that is, the tariff will be raised 1.7 times.

For comparison: the fee for the provision of airport terminal complex on domestic routes at Vnukovo airport for Russian airlines is 92 rubles per passenger, on international routes – 130 rubles. Vnukovo charges foreign air carriers an airport fee of $9.6 per passenger.

The costs incurred by airlines for the stay of their passengers in the terminal building, directly affect the cost of air tickets, the price of which is made up of two parts. The first part is the fare – the cost of the flight set by the airline. The second part is the fees and taxes on airline tickets. This includes airport fees for ground handling of aircraft and passengers, fees for the provision of terminal complex, security, fuel, insurance, service, etc.

On the eve of the FAS reported that together with the Prosecutor General’s Office is conducting inspections of Russian airlines and airports on the formation of ticket prices.

The FAS announcement follows an interview with Vnukovo Airport and Azimut co-owner Vitaly Vantsev to RBC, in which he predicted that airfares would rise this year without significant subsidies from the government: by 15-20% on domestic flights and up to 40% on international flights.

The Ministry of Transport reacted to Vantsev’s statements: citing Igor Chalik, deputy head of the ministry, the press service issued a statement that the information about a possible rise in flight prices of up to 40% has no basis. At the same time, the growth of the average actual cost of a ticket on the domestic network in January-May this year, according to the Ministry of Transport, was about 6.2% year-on-year, or 420 rubles. In April, Chalik told reporters that the Ministry of Transport expects ticket prices to rise within the inflation rate at the end of the year – the Ministry of Economic Development estimates it to be around 5.3%.