Two-level flyover opened at Domodedovo airport

Photo by © Domodedovo Airport Press Service

Moscow Domodedovo Airport opened a two-level flyover as part of the commissioning of a new segment of the passenger terminal T2. Its launch will improve transport accessibility of the air harbour, the airport’s press service reported.

Along the building of the passenger terminal, a transport interchange has been built, which will ensure the circulation of ground public and private transport at the approach to the airport with the separation of flows “on arrival” and “on departure”. Construction of the flyover began in 2016, with the first stage completed in 2018, during which the upper level of the flyover was built. The length of the upper level of the flyover is more than 700 metres and the lower level is 560 metres. The design length of the flyover leaves 1,140 metres, the width is 30 metres, and the capacity of the entire interchange is 43,000 vehicles per day.

Motorists get to the six-lane flyover after entering the airport from the A-105 motorway. The road runs along the passenger terminal, where an additional lane has been built especially for boarding and disembarking passengers, skirts the multi-level car park and descends to the exit to the federal motorway.

The road junction in Domodedovo is a technically complex structure adapted for the passage of large vehicles weighing 25 tonnes per axle. The prestressed concrete used in the construction allowed the height of the spans to be reduced, while maintaining a high load-bearing capacity.

In addition, new technologies have minimised the number of joints in the roadway. Motorists drive on a completely flat surface for 118 metres.