For flights from Egypt strengthened sanitary-quarantine control because of an unknown disease

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The Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare informs (Rospotrebnadzor) that according to the media and the Ministry of Health and Population of Egypt in the province of Qena, six hundred kilometres south of Cairo, recorded cases of unknown disease, the symptoms of which are similar to dengue fever. In connection with the situation with regard to flights arriving from Egypt, Rospotrebnadzor has strengthened sanitary and quarantine control, including with the help of the automated information system “Perimeter”, the supervisory agency said.

“Rospotrebnadzor is interacting with the Egyptian side and international organisations to obtain additional information on the nature of the disease, the risks of its cross-border spread and the preventive and anti-epidemic measures taken,” the report said.

Dengue fever is widespread in Southeast Asia:

  • Thailand,
  • Indonesia,
  • China,
  • Malaysia,
  • Japan,
  • Vietnam,
  • Myanmar,
  • Singapore,
  • the Philippines,

as well as in India, in African countries: Mozambique, Sudan, Egypt, in the tropical and subtropical zones of North, Central and South America:

  • Mexico,
  • Honduras,
  • Costa Rica,
  • Puerto Rica,
  • Panama,
  • Brazil and in other countries.

The main vectors of the fever are Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. In the absence of a vector, a sick person does not pose an epidemiological risk.

Rospotrebnadzor warns tourists planning their holidays in Egypt: in order to prevent infectious and parasitic diseases carried by insects, it is necessary to observe precautionary measures – wear clothes covering the skin as much as possible, use means that repel and destroy insects (repellents and insecticides), indoors – close windows and doors with mesh, gauze.

Upon return from the country of stay and in case of deterioration of the condition, you should consult a doctor, being sure to inform him/her about the place of travel.

In the airport Domodedovo commented on measures of additional inspection of flights from Egypt in connection with the spread of an unknown disease. “Carrying out such measures is in the competence of Rospotrebnadzor specialists. For our part, we notify that the medical service of Domodedovo Airport has all the necessary resources to promptly assist representatives of the agency in case of need. The airport’s medical staff has been informed and instructed,” Domodedovo said.