Lugansk Aircraft Repair Plant has increased its production capacity to 20 per cent

Photo by © press service of the LPR Ministry of Industry and Trade

The enterprise specialises in repairing aircraft engines, main helicopter gearboxes and other units. LARZ’s workload on the main type of activity is already 20%, the Lugansk People Republic Ministry of Industry and Trade said.

“After bench tests in April at the enterprise is 15 engines TV3-117”, said Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the LNR Dmitry Chastnikov. He noted that the management at all levels is taking the necessary measures to restore the plant’s operability.

The stand for testing and service maintenance of turboshaft engines TV3-117 has not been in operation since 2014. Restoration work on it began on 15 March this year. On 5 April, the test stand was launched at LARS.

Now the enterprise is already able to provide overhaul services for seven types of helicopter and aircraft engines.