Photo © ODK-Saturn press service

Russian components can be used for repair and maintenance of SaM146 engines

Photo by © ODK-Saturn press service

The programme of import substitution of key components for maintenance of French-Russian SaM146 aircraft engines installed on Russian airlines’ SSJ100 aircraft has been completed. The press service of the United Engine Corporation said.

“Specialists have mastered modular repair of the electronic control unit – one of the most critical components of the power plant. In addition, Russian fuel filters have been created – the first batch has already been shipped to operators after the necessary tests,” the UEC said.

The development of the modular repair of the electronic control unit was carried out in close co-operation between ODK-Saturn and ODK-Star and Aeroflot. Currently, the authorisation procedure for the repair work is underway in accordance with federal aviation regulations. It is expected that the first repaired control units will be put into service in January-February 2024.

The electronic control unit directly affects the operation of SaM146 engines. The aviation industry faces the challenge of ensuring the airworthiness of the current fleet of Superjet 100 aircraft, regardless of the supply of imported components. In parallel with the development of modular overhaul, ODK-Saturn has certified modifications of the SaM146 aircraft engine with an alternative fuel filter design. In addition, ODK-Saturn is developing a technology for washing import-substituted fuel filters, which will extend their service life.

Also, as part of the import substitution programme, work was approved to repair the air starter valve, which will provide additional opportunities for servicing and maintaining the airworthiness of domestic aircraft. Earlier in December, a batch of domestic spark plugs for SaM146 engines was delivered to SSJ100 operators.