Magadan airport started preparing the foundation for a new passenger terminal

Photo by © Magadan Airport JSC Press Service

The mobilization stage of the construction of the air terminal complex at the Sokol airport in Magadan has been completed. The preparation of the foundation pit for the main building of the new passenger terminal has started. According to the seismic conditions of the region the builders have to dig a six meters deep pit. This was reported in the press service of the Government of the Magadan region.

“The construction of a new air terminal complex of Magadan airport has begun. The necessary materials are already at the site. At the moment, the clearing of the territory continues, warehouses and a hangar for equipment are being erected. The most important thing is that we’ve started to dig the trench”, as the regional government said.

Until January 9, 2024 is scheduled to complete the installation of all metal structures, in May the contour of the building should be closed. To do this, 100 railcars of metal and cement will be delivered to the site. According to the regional authorities more than 200 people and 15 units of equipment are involved in the work. Builders will need about two months to come out of the zero cycle.

Technical specifications of construction, in particular, assume reconstruction of taxiways for design load of aircraft B777-300 ER, construction of aircraft de-icing area with water drainage system and alarm system, drayder platform and tank for de-icing liquid collection.

The new terminal with area of not less than 10 thousand square meters will have a capacity of 800 passengers per hour, for convenient boarding and unloading of passengers in the Far North terminal will be equipped with two telescopic gangways, will create an automatic system for handling baggage. The construction will cost at least 10 billion rubles.