Murmansk airport expects to build a new airport terminal

Photo by © Murmansk Airport Press Service

The commissioning of a new terminal for domestic airlines at Murmansk airport will increase the capacity from 200 to 400 passengers per hour during the first phase of the project and up to 800 passengers per hour during the second phase. Such calculations with the forecast for 2029 and 2034 are given in the project documentation. Positive conclusion of Glavgosekspertiza of Russia was issued for the first phase of the airport terminal construction, as the press service of the Ministry reported.

Construction of the airfield near Murmansk, 4 km from the village Murmashi, was started in 1971. The terminal building was put into operation in 1977. Today the airport, named after Nicholas II, continues a large-scale reconstruction, one of the stages of which will be the construction of a new terminal building with total area of more than 7 thousand square meters.

“The complex plan of Murmansk airport development foresees the forecast growth of passenger traffic up to 1 004 292 people by 2034, increasing the capacity of the new terminal complex up to 600 passengers per hour”, – Larisa Bondar, the chief expert of the project, emphasized.

In the first phase of construction it is planned to build a new air terminal complex of domestic airlines with a capacity of 400 pass/hour. “Given the sector of the existing terminal of domestic airlines, with a capacity of 200 passengers per hour, a new building of the terminal will meet the needs of the airport according to the forecasts for 2029,” – said the expert.

At the second stage of construction it is planned to expand a new terminal building to provide a total capacity of 800 passengers per hour on domestic flights, which, according to the forecast, will meet the needs of the airport in 2034.

The projected complex of the passenger terminal at Murmansk airport also includes the location of the aviation forecourt with an area of 1,491 square meters.