One of the Tu-214 aircraft being restored for Red Wings is back in the sky again

Archived photo. © Igor Ponomaryov /

On 22 September, a medium-range passenger aircraft Tu-214 with registration RA-64518 made its maiden flight at Kazan airport after almost six years of downtime. The liner is expected to return to the Red Wings airline fleet in the near future.

The overflight of the aircraft after a long period of storage was preceded by airworthiness restoration works, which were performed by specialists of KAPO Service, an enterprise based at the airport.

The aircraft was manufactured by the S.P. Gorbunov Kazan Aircraft Plant. The aircraft was manufactured by the S.P. Gorbunov Kazan Aircraft Plant in August 2009 and entered service with Transaero Airlines in October. Since 2010, Ilyushin Finance Co. has been the owner of all three of Transaero’s Tu-214s leased by Finance Leasing Company. After the carrier’s operations were halted in October 2015, the RA-64518 was idle at Domodedovo Airport for almost ten months before it started flying for Red Wings Airlines in August 2016. Since September 2017, the aircraft has been in storage at Kazan airport.

It became known last autumn that Red Wings plans to resume regular passenger traffic on Tu-204 and Tu-214 aircraft, having received four such airliners from the secondary market. At that time it was reported that the first two planes could return to service this spring, then the terms were moved to summer, then to autumn.

Now the aircraft will have to go to Ulyanovsk for repainting, and then, after a number of test and acceptance flights, the aircraft will resume passenger transportation for Red Wings Airlines.