The first restored Tu-214 was handed over to Red Wings Airlines for operation

Photo by © UAC

Ilyushin Finance Co. (IFC) leasing company has restored the airworthiness of the Tu-214 aircraft with registration number RA-64518 and handed it over to Red Wings Airlines for operation. IFC CEO Mikhail Podkhvatilin and Red Wings Deputy CEO for Fleet Management Ekaterina Rukhlova signed the Act of Acceptance of the aircraft at Kazan airport on 28 December 2023.

The aircraft was manufactured at the Kazan Aviation Plant in 2009, equipped with two PS-90A engines with a thrust of 16,000 kgf each, modern navigation and rescue equipment. As explained in the IFK, the cockpit is three-membered, the aircraft’s avionics meets all current international requirements for aircraft of this class.

The range of the Tu-214 medium-range narrow-body aircraft with a maximum commercial load of 25,200 kg is 3,800 km. With a commercial load of 20,760 kg the aircraft can cover a distance of 5200 kilometres. The Tu-214 can fly a distance of 7,200 kilometres with a commercial load of 11,110 kg. The maximum number of passengers is 210, the cabin on board RA-64518 has been renewed and is made in a single-class layout of economy class for 194 passengers.

Until 2017, this aircraft was operated by Transaero and Red Wings airlines. The airworthiness restoration works included technical condition assessment, removal of the aircraft from long-term storage, fulfilment of maintenance forms and service bulletins, as well as engine overhaul, replacement of defective and calendar-limited components and complete interior renovation. After all this work, the aircraft performed several check flights, confirming its compliance with airworthiness standards. On 20 December 2023, the aircraft received the relevant certificate.

Mikhail Podhvatilin expressed his gratitude to all those who took part in solving this important task and noted that the leasing company will continue to work on returning Russian aircraft to service. “We continue to work on returning Russian aircraft to operation: after the cargo Il-96-400T, the passenger Tu-214, which has undergone all the necessary maintenance, returned to service today. Next year we will continue the transfer of aircraft,” said IFC Director General.