Army-2023: United Engine Corporation presents promising SM-100 aircraft engine

Photo by © UEC

At the International Military-Technical Forum Army-2023, the United Engine Corporation showed a mock-up of the promising SM-100 engine for the modernized Yak-130M combat trainer aircraft. The project is a development of the AI-222-25 base engine and is being developed by the Salyut production complex.

“The new propulsion system will have improved performance with similar dimensions and weight, in particular, the maximum thrust will increase by 20%, and the service life will double,” the UEC said.

Improved performance is achieved by increasing the compression ratio, installing a modern three-stage low-pressure compressor, and introducing modernized combustion chamber and turbine units with increased reliability. Currently, the low-pressure compressor and turbine are undergoing bench tests, while the combustion chamber is undergoing flight tests.

In addition, a modernized high-pressure compressor, which has become smaller and lighter and cheaper to produce, will also be tested in the near future. Also, for the modernized engine, a reinforced drive box has been developed, allowing the installation of a drive-generator, the rated power of which is twice higher than that of the base version of the AI-222-25 engine.

Development of the SM-100 is carried out as part of the work on modernization of the base engine for the Yak-130 combat trainer aircraft. The scientific and technical groundwork obtained in the course of the work is used for modernization of AI-222-25 engines. At the same time, the engine has great potential for use in military aviation, and can also be considered as the basis for a family of power plants for light regional and administrative aircraft. We are ready to cooperate with aircraft design bureaus at all stages of aircraft development,” said Alexey Gromov, Head of the Salyut Production Complex of UEC.

All works are performed in a planned manner and are at the stage of experimental confirmation of the characteristics of the modernized aircraft engine units.