At the NAIS exhibition they told what makes Pulkovo Airport one of the best in Russia

© Pulkovo airport press service / Archive photo

The Pulkovo Airport team representing the company at the XI National Civil Aviation Infrastructure Exhibition NAIS 2024 (6-7 February) spoke about the public-private partnership (PPP) mechanism for airport development, the growth of the business lounge segment and the modernisation of wastewater treatment facilities and other projects being implemented at the airport.

Leonid Sergeev, CEO of Northern Capital Gateway, noted that Pulkovo is a pioneer in Russia in using PPP for airport modernisation.

“The mechanism of public-private partnership is the basis for the realisation of large infrastructure projects. Pulkovo was the first airport in Russia to be modernised under a PPP agreement. The realisation of the second stage is also carried out under concession,” he noted, speaking at the session “Use of concession agreements for airport infrastructure development”.

Alexey Teslo-Danilov, Director of Non-Aviation Commerce, shared Pulkovo Airport’s experience in developing the business and VIP lounge segment. He spoke about the introduction of loyalty programmes and the increase in the number of business lounge visits by 56% in 2023. Partnerships with banks and joint projects with other organisations were key growth drivers.

Pulkovo Airport has two business lounges in the domestic departure lounge and one business lounge in the international departure lounge. Comfortable lounge areas, buffet and drinks, meeting rooms, children’s playrooms, showers and cloakrooms, a selection of jewellery and porcelain, natural Siberian products and confectionery are available for passengers. Visits are available to all passengers regardless of class of service, subject to prior payment.

Yulia Korobova, Technical Director, presented information about the modernisation of treatment facilities at St. Petersburg Airport.

“Pulkovo is the only airport in Russia using the technology of ethylene glycol removal from wastewater. The implemented solution of complex treatment of airport wastewater has not been used in Russia and foreign practice,” she told the session “Ecology of the air transport industry – the way to sustainable development”.

Within the framework of the NAIS exhibition and forum Pulkovo Airport became the winner of the “Air Gateway of Russia” award in two nominations, which is a recognition of the merits of the airport team in the field of infrastructure development, implementation of innovative technologies and providing a high level of passenger service, which allows to annually increase passenger traffic of St. Petersburg’s air harbour.

“In 2023, Pulkovo Airport served 20.4 million passengers and exceeded the indicator of the record-breaking year 2019 for aviation, becoming the second in Russia in terms of traffic volume,” the airport’s press service noted.