Russian eGate turnstiles implemented at Pulkovo Airport

© Pulkovo airport press service / Archive photo

Pulkovo Airport has launched a fully Russian automated system for checking boarding passes at eGate turnstiles in the departure zone of domestic airlines. The project is implemented within the framework of the programme of import substitution of foreign-made hardware and software at the airport. This was reported in the press service of Northern Capital Gateway LLC.

The innovation allows passengers to board the aircraft having scanned their boarding pass or QR code on their mobile device. At the moment two boarding gates are equipped with turnstiles, by the end of 2024 it is planned to install them at all gates in the departure zone of domestic flights.

“The installation of automated turnstiles is part of a project to create a “seamless” environment for passengers at Pulkovo Airport. It involves increasing the speed of pre-flight procedures by automating some of the processes. According to our estimates, the time to serve all passengers waiting for boarding will be reduced by a quarter,” said Pavel Kushnirenko, Director of Ground Handling at Northern Capital Gateway.

The electronic turnstiles are made of stainless steel, manufactured in Russia by ELSI, which together with Iskander Group of Companies supplied, configured and integrated them with the SpetsKontrol mobile boarding pass accounting system developed by Neolabs.

The motion sensor system allows tracking the location and movement of the passenger and hand luggage during the passage through the turnstile, eliminating the possibility of counter passage. To ensure safety, the devices are equipped with a controlled servo drive that takes into account the speed of opening and closing of the flaps. After passing through the turnstiles, the system transmits to the airport agent all necessary information about the passenger.