Development of the excavation pit of a new Baikal airport terminal has started

Photo by © press service of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Buryatia

In Ulan-Ude, capital of Buryatia, at the construction of a new airport terminal complex of Baikal airport, a contracting organization is developing the foundation pit of the main building, foundations of engineering infrastructure, construction of power supply lines and withdrawal of networks from the construction zone. At the construction site are involved about 50 people and 20 pieces of equipment. Today, according to the management of the contracting organization, the development of the excavation is ahead of schedule by one month, reported the press service of the Ministry of Transport of Buryatia.

“Now the excavation is being excavated, the foundations are being arranged, at the same time we take the federal property networks along the perimeter, digging the storm sewer, digging the power supply routes. In order to stay a little ahead of schedule, we started digging a quarter of the foundations right away before removing the property that is there. The cold weather is going away, we’re starting to move into an extended workday. We are one month ahead of schedule for the foundation pit. We are planning to finish the pit in 1.5 months, if we do not find any unrecorded “artifacts”, in general, there are no difficulties, we just have to work and we are working. We have already dug 4,000 cubic meters of soil and we are planning to dig 25,000-28,000 cubic meters in total. The under-concrete has already been poured and then we will start with foundation reinforcement”, – said Yaroslav Karmanchuk, construction manager of Spectrum-Holding.

The building of the new air terminal complex will be two-storey, stylized under the national colors. For the passengers’ convenience it will be equipped with two telescopic gangways, and the building will be convenient for people with limited mobility.

The total amount of financing is over 3 billion rubles. The capacity of the existing building is 200 people per departure and 250 people per arrival, and these figures will be doubled in the new building. As part of the airport development strategy, passenger traffic is projected to increase to 1 million people per year by 2027. In 2022, the passenger flow of the airport Baikal was more than 600 thousand people.

The new complex will serve passengers departing by domestic flights, the current airport building will be completely reequipped for international flights.

“At the moment there are 13 subsidized flights from Baikal airport. We also plan to launch two more with Zabaikalsky Krai. The air route Ulan-Ude – Aginskoye is already on the list of subsidized flights, we are waiting for Zabkrai to put the runway in order, as soon as they do this, the flight will be launched. In addition, we have filed an application for the organization of subsidized flights on the route Ulan-Ude – Chita, the application is under consideration, “- said the chairman of the Committee for Transport Development, Information and Communications Ministry of Buryatia Sergey Kaplin.

It is planned that the residents and guests of Buryatia will be able to use the new terminal of domestic airlines in 2024.