Yakovlev received the first set of Russian avionics for MC-21

Photo by © UAC

Radioelectronic Technologies Corporation (KRET) has handed over to Yakovlev the first set of fully Russian avionics for the cockpit of the MS-21-310 aircraft – control panels for aircraft systems and lighting equipment. The domestic avionics fully corresponds to the foreign equipment installed on the certified version of MC-21-300. This was reported by Rostec’s press service.

The Ulyanovsk Instrument Design Bureau (part of KRET) has developed and set up production of Russian equipment to create a unified information and control field for the MC-21 cabin. The company has created a console that allows controlling hydraulic, fuel, inertial, anti-icing systems, fire protection systems, air conditioning, speed measurement, as well as other executive mechanisms of the aircraft.

In addition, the lighting equipment inside the cockpit has also become fully domestic: from floor and general lighting to light-signalling boards.

“The MC-21 project became a target of Western sanctions even before the start of the military operation in Ukraine. KRET has replaced a large number of foreign components for on-board radio electronic equipment and has already started supplying the latest avionics to begin bench testing as well as assembly of the MC-21,” commented Rostec executive director Oleg Evtushenko.

The MC-21 will be the first domestic aircraft equipped with an integrated complex of onboard equipment based on KRET’s developments.