Production of turbine blades for the PD-8 engine has been launched at ODK-Saturn in Rybinsk

Photo by © UEC

Production of blades for the PD-8 engine from heat-resistant nickel alloys capable of withstanding high thermal loads has started in the innovative foundry complex of the Rybinsk enterprise “ODK-Saturn”. This was reported in the press service of ODK.

Within the framework of cooperation with the Kurchatov Institute and the All-Russian Research Institute of Aviation Materials (VIAM), five new alloys were developed for the production of a number of PD-8 engine components, including highly loaded working and nozzle blades of low- and high-pressure turbines. The created alloys in terms of stability of chemical composition, residual level of impurities and mechanical properties do not differ from similar products used in foreign engine building.

“Any modern engine is, first of all, the result of scientific research and discoveries. The developed casting alloys allowed to realise the advanced characteristics laid down by the designers in the power plant. I would like to note that it was possible to introduce new materials in the production of blade blanks without rearranging the production chain. In the future, these alloys, capable of withstanding the required loads, can be used in the development of new gas turbine engine designs,” said Igor Ilyin, Chief Engineer of ODK-Saturn.

Introduction of new materials and technologies into engine production is one of the priority areas of ODK’s activities. This helps to improve the competitiveness of Russian aircraft propulsion systems in the global market. New heat-resistant nickel alloys provide increased heat and wear resistance, longer service life of engine components, and lower operating costs.