Tu-214 for Red Wings painted in UAC livery and returned to Kazan

© UAC Press Service / Tu-214 RA-64518

The medium-range passenger aircraft Tu-214 (RA-64518), manufactured in Kazan, was painted in the UAC corporate livery. The aircraft, owned by the leasing company Ilyushin Finance Co. (IFC), will join the fleet of Red Wings airline and carry passengers after completion of work to prepare it for operation on scheduled flights. This was reported in the press service of the United Aircraft Corporation.

The machine performed its first flight during the restoration work in Kazan on 22 September 2023. The next day RA-64518 flew to Ulyanovsk for painting and on 11 October the aircraft returned to Kazan, where the restoration of the aircraft’s airworthiness will continue.

The aircraft was manufactured by the S.P. Gorbunov Kazan Aircraft Plant. The aircraft was manufactured by the S.P. Gorbunov Kazan Aircraft Plant in August 2009 and entered service with Transaero Airlines in October. Since 2010, IFC has been the owner of all three of Transaero’s Tu-214s leased to it by Finance Leasing Company.

After the carrier’s operations were halted in October 2015, the RA-64518 was idle at Domodedovo Airport for almost ten months, and then in August 2016 it started flying for Red Wings Airlines. Since September 2017, the aircraft was in storage at Kazan airport.

© UAC Press Service / Tu-214 RA-64518

Tu-214 – an improved version of the medium-range airliner Tu-204 (in connection with what previously carried the designation Tu-204-200). The first flight was performed on 21 March 1996. The airliner is equipped with two PS-90A twin turbojet engines and is capable of carrying up to 212 passengers. The aircraft’s cruising speed is 810-850 km/h, range with maximum fuel (35,710 kg) is 6890 km, specific fuel consumption is 18.3 g/kg.

In autumn 1997, two aircraft under the designation Tu-204-200 began to be assembled at the Aviastar plant in Ulyanovsk. Then serial production of this aircraft under the designation Tu-214 was transferred to the Kazan aircraft plant.

Special modifications of the Tu-214 were developed: Tu-214PU (control point), Tu-214SR (repeater aircraft), Tu-214SUS (communication node aircraft) – aircraft for the administration of the President of the Russian Federation equipped with special communication facilities, the Tu-214R reconnaissance aircraft, as well as Tu-214ON (“Open Skies”) – an aircraft with a digital aerial photo complex, side-scan synthetic aperture radar, infrared and television equipment designed to perform observation flights within the framework of the Open Skies Treaty.