A new production site will be built in Perm to produce electronic units for turbojet engines

Photo by © UAC / PS-90A1 engines

The construction of a new production and testing facility at ODK-Star will begin this year in Perm. The area of 17 thousand square metres will accommodate the production of electronic units for PD-8, PD-14 and PS-90A aircraft engines. This was reported in the press service of the United Engine Corporation (UEC).

“The location of the new building on the industrial site of the enterprise will allow optimising production and logistics chains, as well as improving technological processes, which will lead to an increase in production volumes,” UEC said.

According to the corporation’s development strategy until 2035, large-scale projects will be implemented at the enterprise, including the construction of new buildings with modern high-tech production and testing equipment. Sergey Popov, managing director of ODK-Star, noted that the company’s electronic aggregates production programmes in 2023 increased by 76 per cent year-on-year. It is planned that in 2024 the output in this area will almost double.

The comprehensive programme for the development of the air transport industry until 2030 envisages the production of more than 3,500 engines for domestic aircraft, including 284 PD-8, 540 PD-14s and more than 250 PS-90As. Most of them will be equipped with units manufactured at ODK-Star.

“The expansion in Perm of the production of electronic components for the three main twin turbojet engines for Russian civil aviation will make it possible to meet the growing demand for the enterprise’s products from Russia’s leading aircraft manufacturers. In the coming years, the production of passenger aircraft, including MS-21, SJ-100 and Tu-214, as well as military transport Il-76MD-90A will only increase, and engine builders in Perm and Rybinsk will need rhythmic deliveries of components,” commented the representative of ODK to the Russian Aviation website.