Ukrainian FPV drone / Photo: Creative Commons licence

FPV drone countermeasures system developed

Ukrainian FPV drone / Photo: Creative Commons licence

Concern Radioelectronic Technologies (KRET) has announced the development and launch of a countermeasures system against attack drones. The novelty was named Groza.04.K and is designed specifically to combat FPV (First Person View) drones. The first batch has already been sent to the special operation zone, Rostec’s press service said.

FPV drones are used for radio-technical and optoelectronic reconnaissance, diversion of radar and missile systems during an air attack, as well as for hitting strongholds, soldiers in trenches, fast-moving and stationary targets.

The project was developed by the Novgorod-based research and production enterprise Kvant, and has been successfully tested, confirming its effectiveness in countering FPV drones. During the tests, the product confirmed the technical parameters laid down by engineers at the design stage. The development of the countermeasures complex began in August 2023, when Kvant employees were tasked with creating a means of countering drones of this type.

“Already in autumn the first batch was delivered to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. Everyone understood the priority of the task, and a young team of five developers – all talented, young and able to work for results – took on its implementation,” said Andrey Kondrashov, General Director of NPO Kvant.

FPV drones, which were first used en masse during air defence operations in Ukraine, pose a serious threat both to military personnel and to armoured vehicles, artillery and MLRS installations. In addition to being used as kamikazes, these drones can also be equipped with ammunition suspension and dropping devices, making them highly effective. With secure communication channels and resistance to electronic warfare, FPV drones are difficult targets to counter.