ONPP Technologiya is ready for serial production of SJ-100 glazing elements and components for PD-8 engine

Laying polycarbonate film for aircraft glazing / Photo by © Press Service of ROMASHIN ONPP Technologiya

The Obninsk-based A.G. Romashin Research and Production Company “Technologiya” has announced its readiness for serial production of glazing elements for the SJ-100 aircraft and components made of polymer composite materials for the PD-8 engine.

“ONPP “Technologiya” has successfully passed the audit on the production of components for the domestic passenger aircraft SJ-100. According to the auditors’ assessment, the enterprise has everything necessary for the serial production of glazing elements and composite components for the PD-8 engine,” the company’s press service said in a statement. The specialists assessed production processes, product quality, metrology, quality management and interaction with customers.

For the imported Superjet “Technologiya” has set up the production of ten elements for the glazing of the crew cabin and protection of the external lighting equipment, as well as 38 components made of polymer composite materials for the PD-8 engine, which is intended to be installed on the SJ-100. For the production of PD-8 components, two new production lines were set up at the plant and technical upgrades were carried out.

Serial production of glazing was developed and prepared within a short period of time. Three enterprises of the chemical industry are involved in its production: specialists of the Research Institute of Technical Glass provided the application of the electric heating layer, the Research Institute of Polymers – the production of organic glass, employees of Technologiya carry out the production of the final products.

The kit for one aircraft includes six cockpit glazing products, which remain functional at temperatures ranging from -62 to +85°C. The windscreens and air vents are a seven-plex: four layers of silicate glass bonded with three layers of polymer film. They can withstand a collision with a bird at over 570 km/h without losing pressure. The cabin side windows are triplex, made of highly oriented organic glass. Organic glass is used to protect signal lights and other lighting equipment on the wings, fuselage and horizontal stabilizer.