Cabin layout of Rossiya's SSJ100 aircraft / Collage by © Russian Aviation

Rossiya Airlines to replace business class with economy class on several SSJ100s

Cabin layout of Rossiya’s SSJ100 aircraft / Collage by © Russian Aviation

Rossiya Airlines plans to reconfigure the cabins of several Superjet 100s to increase capacity on resort and tourist routes, where passengers are not always willing to pay for more comfort. This is clear from the investment programme seen by Izvestiya.

It is estimated that increasing the number of seats to the 100-passenger capacity of the Superjets will allow the airline to increase its revenues by more than 300 million roubles a year. The project was commissioned by Aeroflot’s Network and Profitability Management Department. Experts believe that in the future the company may repeat the practice of cabin reconfiguration on its other aircraft.

According to the investment programme, nine SSJ100 aircraft will be reconfigured by replacing 12 business class seats with 25 economy seats. This will cost more than 331 million roubles. The cost of the complete set of equipment from PJSC Yakovlev for the reconfiguration of nine SSJ100s would be more than 900 million rubles excluding VAT. The donors will be Superjets in storage and Yakovlev’s own stocks. The documents state that Russia has six SSJ100s in storage in a two-class configuration.

“The reconfiguration of nine aircraft from two-class to single-class economic will increase the carrying capacity of the SSJ100 fleet of Rossiya Airlines in 2024 – by 3,700 seats, in 2025 – by 89.5 thousand, and in 2026 – by almost 104 thousand. This will generate additional revenues of more than 300 million roubles per year,” the investment project says. The payback period is 2 years and 7 months.

The plan provides for the dismantling of three rows of business class seats, the rear kitchen module and toilet, the class separator, and the installation of five rows of economy class seats and additional oxygen tanks. All work is expected to be completed between September 2024 and mid-April 2025.